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AIMS - Accident, Incident Management System

Utilising today’s Internet technology, STS Business Services have developed a comprehensive database product for the monitoring and recording of Risk Assessments, Accidents and Incidents.

The AIMS system can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week, using the Internet access or your company’s Intranet, via a hyperlink. STS Business Services, monitor the system enabling you to receive factual analysis of accidents and incidents within the workplace.

The Risk Assessment element of the AIMS system is already used by over 100 retail sites throughout the UK, providing standardised documentation for Risk Assessment and cohesive action plans. Furthermore, the system also delivers e-mail to the respective Risk Assessor informing them of outstanding actions. The e-mail can also be sent to the Safety Department for reference or for additional follow up.

Current legislation specifies that all accidents in your organisation must be recorded and some may need reporting to the local enforcing authority. The Accident and Incident recording element of the AIMS system, provides your company with an easy-to-use database of Accidents and near misses, which have occurred within your organisation. The query and reports menu also permits the relevant function the opportunity to analyse where, how and why accidents and incidents occur in specific areas.

AIMS will very quickly become THE key tool to safety specialist and Risk Managers for administering multi-site or multi-departmental operations.

Developed in conjunction with Phase8, a web development company that is now a key player in the Internet solutions marketplace. AIMS is also backed by Namesco Limited whose clients house over 60,000 domains and host over 9,000 virtual server accounts. Phase8’s impressive client list includes major household names such as the BBC, BT, Fleet Street Publications, Psion plc and Yorkshire Electricity Group to name but a few.


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