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Unfortunately, for many organisations, Health and Safety training has not been the highest priority when developing their people, yet it is becoming an ever increasing area where awareness is paramount.

Let’s face it, Health & Safety training is not always seen by employees and mangers, as the most interesting subject for training. However, STS Business Services have been able to develop programmes in the key legal aspects that are enjoyable, interesting and (based on the feedback from our delegates) actually FUN!!

How have we achieved this?

The first stage is to examine what has, or has not, already been attempted within your organisation. We also try to understand the culture of your business in terms of its organisational culture and the predominant ‘grapevine’ culture. From this we can determine the style that best suits your business.

In addition to running training programmes specifically designed to suit ONE organisation, we also run ‘semi-generic’ programmes in the following areas:

The Management of Safety
Creating a Health & Safety Policy….That Works!
Developing YOUR Safety Induction
Risk Assessment
Manual Handling
Developing a Safety Culture
Fire Awareness Training
Display Screen Equipment
Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health

So when considering your current and future needs for Health and Safety training, think about the STS Solution!

Utilising today’s Internet technology, STS Business Services have developed a comprehensive database product for the monitoring and recording of Risk Assessments, Accidents and Incidents.

The AIMS system can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week, using the Internet access or your company’s Intranet, via a hyperlink. STS Business Services, monitor the system enabling you to receive factual analysis of accidents and incidents within the workplace.


AIMS - Accident and Incident Management Sytem

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AIMS online Health and Safety Management
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