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Time and time again in the news there are stories of employers having to pay out enormous sums of money at Employment Tribunals because 'somebody got it wrong'! Whether you’re a small company with no personnel expertise or a larger company requiring additional support, STS is there to help your mangers from getting it wrong.

STS Business Services aim to provide employers with ‘peace of mind’ and help in ensuring that managers and team leaders get it right first time. We can work with you to develop Contracts of Employment that reflect the culture and relationship your business wants to relate to the employees.

We can develop the procedures and rules for your business that are fair and reasonable and that protect the company’s right to manage. STS can help your business develop the procedures relating to the employment of staff including:-

  • Contracts of Employment
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Sickness & Absence Controls
  • Appraisal Procedures
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Equal Opportunity Procedures
  • Recruitment & Selection Procedures
  • Redundancy Counselling
  • Handling Dismissals

STS Business Services aim to provide employers with ‘peace of mind’ and help to ensure that your managers and team leaders get it right first time.Utilising recruitment partners like Staff Finders, we can also help you employ temporary and full time staff. We are also fully licensed to undertake Psychometric Evaluation of candidates for more senior recruitment projects.

Psychological Assessment & Profiling

STS Business Services have the facility to undertake Saville and Holdsworth (SHL) Occupational Testing, Occupational Questionnaires and 360° Reviews. Each Assessor has been trained in the application of the tests and determining the results data. A detailed personal behavioural interview, including feedback from the tests, focussing on the candidate’s strengths and development needs allow each party to qualify the test results.


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