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The following modular based programme has been specifically designed to provide operational managers with the necessary skills for entering into or further improving their overall management skills. This in turn will contribute to the enhancement and development of the operational business practices and procedures.

Programme Aim

The aim of this development programme is to enable the operational manager to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the operations, which he or she is responsible for. This, in turn, will see the development of their respective teams as a coherent, mutually supportive and motivated group of people who, with the manager, will share a common vision and purpose as to the nature of their business.

The learning objectives for each module within this programme are detailed separately. Where possible these modules have been linked to existing and nationally recognised standards of competence which, if required will provide a route to give recognition for individual and organisational professional achievement and development. Modules in this programme include:

This programme is designed to provide a foundation for those who are inexperienced in, or about to assume team leadership or supervisory responsibility. It will provide practical tips on how to become an effective team leader, develop a harmonious and productive teams and how teams can contribute to the overall management process.

To provide candidates with the knowledge of how to develop teams, the skills required of a team leader and the importance of a team within the organisational structure.

The art of getting your message across effectively is a vital part of being a successful manager. Whether you want to make presentations with confidence or to negotiate with ease, this programme will help candidates to improve their communication skills. From understanding body language to writing reports and proposals -all the key aspects of business communication are explained clearly. Also included is practical advice on team briefing with concise tips provided to give further vital information.

To examine and understand practical techniques used during the communication process and define practises which best suit the candidate in their role.

Time management and delegation are an essential element of any manager's job. Used effectively they provide real benefits for everyone involved. This programme will enable delegates to achieve best possible results from each occasion of delegation, from small everyday tasks to major leadership appointments. This programme examines every aspect of the delegation process, from deciding and prioritising tasks to delegate and choosing the right person for the job, to recognising and overcoming barriers and anticipating the risks. Practical advice on how to motivate and develop staff, build loyalty and give and receive feedback will increase the candidate's confidence and help them become a skilled and trusted delegator.

To examine the benefits of effective time management and delegation in achieving the business objectives, day to day tasks and improving employee motivation.

The nature of a manager's role quite often creates situations where he or she has to deal with employees who are not providing the correct levels of performance, or their conduct is unsatisfactory to the organisation. With ever- increasing levels of employment legislation this programme helps the candidates through the minefield of the disciplinary process, giving practical examples of how to deal with a range of employment issues.

Examine (or introduce) the Company Disciplinary Procedure and advise on best practice implementation.

The process of internal and external recruitment, selection and redeployment is the start point, and, therefore crucial to the continued success factor of any organisation. Time spent on setting a proven and robust recruitment and selection process is time invested and will result in long-term benefits.

To provide candidates with a sound knowledge of the processes of recruiting, selecting and redeployment of people within their role as a manager.

The art of sound counselling and coaching techniques, if implemented and used correctly, can be an extremely useful and productive management tool. Through questioning and listening you can help an employee to their own solutions of work performance problems or decisions on career development opportunities. You can also maximise training and development opportunities for employees during the course of everyday work through planning and discussing work based activities with them.

To introduce counselling and coaching skills to candidates, enabling them to productively implement these principles and techniques into the workplace with best effect.

All mangers in all organisations assess the performance of their staff. The assessment may be informal -perhaps through day-to-day observation, or by looking at the work produced -or it may be some form of formal assessment system. Without some form of staff assessment managers cannot manage. But assessment it is not just about helping the organisation achieving its goals. Its also about helping individuals realise their potential and attain their own goals. Think back over your own career, how would you have felt if you were never told how you were doing, or if you had never been asked what you wanted to achieve, or how you were getting on. This module helps managers to set realistic and achievable goals for employees and demonstrates ways in which performance can be assessed.

To introduce candidates to effective objective setting, how to develop staff skills needed to perform effectively and achieve consistency and objectivity in performance assessment.

This module focuses on the planning, organisation and measurement of work. It provides candidates with the opportunity to contribute both ideas and practical suggestions to improve the productivity and efficiency of operations.

To introduce candidates to planning, monitoring and control of work activities to enhance performance and to devise and implement methods and procedures for continuous work improvements.


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