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In today’s employment environment, it seems that the legislative jargon and requirements are produced to confuse and complicate businesses to the point where ignorance feels better than compliance! Most business people would rather invest their time in building their business, making it more efficient and focussing on further customer satisfaction.

This is where STS business services can free your time to continue to develop your organisation whilst we implement “easy” and user-friendly systems to achieve adherence to the Employment, Health, Safety and Environmental legislation.

Utilising today’s Internet technology, STS Business Services have developed a comprehensive database product for the monitoring and recording of Risk Assessments, Accidents and Incidents.

The AIMS system can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week, using the Internet access or your company’s Intranet, via a hyperlink. STS Business Services, monitor the system enabling you to receive factual analysis of accidents and incidents within the workplace.

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AIMS online Health and Safety Management
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